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ERREUNO SRL was founded in 1997 and boasts a long family tradition specialized in the field of leather goods and furnishing. The company's production is located in Tolentino and can rely on a workforce of approximately 50 people. Central to the first years of production was the activity of leather and /or imitation leather upholstery for the most important Italian and foreign car production houses.

Gradually the company has expanded its production capacity through the manufacturing of leather goods, padding and upholstering of bus seats, ships and vessels, trains and airplanes.

Today the main production activity is centred on leather upholstery of luxury furniture concerning high quality and value products marketed by the most important and famous brands

This production covers a wide range of items, from tables to chairs, from console tables to beds, bedside tables, dressing tables, desks, libraries, doors, floors, boiseries, panels, and so on; in addition to the production of fitting-out materials for exhibitions and shops, special events and international trade fairs.

The long experience and the professional competence in the field of leather acquired by the owners are fundamental elements the Company is based upon, together with the support and work of skilled and specialized workers.

Thanks to the great flexibility and adaptability of the Company and to the specific kind of working processes, the products result to be highly customized and differentiated, so to meet the needs and requirements of end consumers in purchasing exclusive articles. The right balance between technology and tradition through the wise use of superb technological production machines on the first step and of mainly craftsmanship manufacturing on the second step, gives the Company its unique production nature. With its products focused on national and foreign markets, the Company daily undertakes to keep high quality as the most important means of communication with its customers and clients and which guarantees the complete reliability and safety of goods produced.

"Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design"

- Charles Eames -


"To create is to give form to their fate"

- Albert Camus -


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"Design is thinking made visual"

- Saul Bass -